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Therapy Services

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
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Education Based Therapy Services

  • Collaborate with parents and educational providers in all settings to meet the educational needs of students
  • Participate in screenings, evaluations, intervention planning and educational programming
  • Educate family and school personnel about┬átherapy services
  • Document progress in an effort to help the student achieve outlined goals
  • Attend meetings that support student programming
  • Adhere to timelines
  • Complete due process
  • Provide professional development in therapy areas
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School Medicaid Services

  • Aspyre-web based documentation and electronic billing system
  • Produces monthly activity report by discipline
  • Viewable access of therapy evaluations and progress notes
  • Electronic signatures included for ease of access
  • Links therapy activities to student IEP goals
  • Technical support available
  • Billing claims generated from therapy documentation
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