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Special Education & Early Childhood

Script Special Education and Early Childhood is a compliance engineered IEP system developed by local and state level experts. Discover unique tools that simplify the process for staff while improving the quality of work.

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Script Dyslexia allows staff to document, track, collect data and report throughout the dyslexia screening, evaluation and RtI process.

Features include:

  • rack Screening Dates and Results
  • RtI Tracking by Tier
  • Document Markers
  • RtI Data Collection
  • Evaluation Profile Report
  • Electronic Document Storage
  • Profile Charts and Graphs
  • Document Instructional Strategies
  • Parental Notices and Consent
  • Document Progress Monitoring
  • Tier I-III RtI Logs
  • ADE Eligibility Determination
  • Track Meeting Dates
  • Monitoring Reports
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Response to Intervention

Script RtI is engineered to document, track and report throughout each phase of the RtI process. The system allows educators to strategically implement strategies, document and monitor in a timely manner.


  • Track Assessment Dates and Results
  • Electronic Document Storage
  • RtI Tracking by Tier
  • Document Instructional Strategies
  • RtI Data Collection
  • Document Progress Monitoring
  • Track Meeting Dates
  • Monitoring Reports
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Section 504

Script Section 504 allows school districts to universalize documentation, processes and procedures across all schools. Discover a systematic eligibility determination process and unique tools for accommodation plan building and distribution.


  • Manifestation Determination
  • Eligibility Determination Process
  • Behavior Intervention Planning
  • Accommodation Plans
  • Reporting
  • District and School File Sharing
  • Mass Documentation Distribution
  • Parental Notices and Consent
  • Documentation aligned to ADAA Amended Regulations (2009)
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Health Care

Script Health Care is designed to help school districts meet medical needs as well as educational needs of students. To assure appropriate and consistent care is provide, Script helps school nurses communicate health care needs to all staff members.

32 Healthcare Plans including:

  • Asthma Plans
  • ADD/ADHD Plans
  • Diabetic Plans
  • Autism Plans
  • Seizure Plans
  • Transportation Plans
  • Emergency Plans
  • Administrative Forms
  • Food Allergy Plans
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English Language Learner

Script ELL is designed to help educators meet unique and individualized needs of ELL students. Through a systematic process for language proficiency assessment, ESL modification and exit criteria, educators can insure an equitable education.

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Alternative Learning Environment (ALE)

Integrated into the RtI section, Script ALE provides an efficient way to meet state regulations.  Processes and forms include:

  • Referral
  • Student Action
  • Placement
  • Transition
  • Exit


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Standards Based Grading

Script Standards Based Grading manages the record keeping and reporting of standards based performance. This feature is designed to streamline the process and eliminate steps by documenting progress monitoring on grade level checklists.

Script Standards Based Grading includes:

  • Automatically generated Progress Reports
  • Automatically generated Standards Based Report Cards
  • Curriculum Checklists for documenting progress monitoring perodically
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Script Success

Script is proud to announce the upcoming release of Script Success, a new software feature that accommodates the Student Success Plan requirements. With Script Success, the Student Success Plan is designed to electronically follow the student from grade to grade, school to school and district to district. Script Success also allows both staff and students to have access to the Student Success Plan with login credentials with assigned plan permissions.
Script Student Success Plan Features
  • Simple format allows easy completion, color coded by grade level. Includes all components as required by Arkansas Act 930
  • Post-Secondary Goals
  •      Career Goal specifying credentials or certification needed
  •      Course of Interest and Educational Strengths
  •      College Goal
  • Parent/Student/Advisor Collaboration documentation with email capabilities in the software
  • Career Plan-College, Community College, Armed Services, Vocational Program and Trade documentation
  • Credit Requirements with ability to make additions per district
  • Courses of Study and Credits for Career Path documentation and total credits by grade level
  • Performance Information to include assessment results documented by grade level
  • ACT Aspire, ACT, PSAT, SAT, GPA, Interest Inventory, Academic Deficits, Tutoring, Credit Recovery, Class Rank, Honors and ability to add others by district
  • Community and Career Engagement Plan allows for documentation per grade level for volunteer services, community service, job shadowing, apprenticeships and internships
  • Academic Deficits and Intervention documentation and Progress Monitoring form to track periodic assessments and interventions
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