The Arkansas Department of Education has established regulations on Student Success Plans. Per the regulations, educators across the state need to be aware of the following:
6.04 Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, each student who enters the eighth (8th) grade shall have a student success plan developed by the end of the eighth grade (8th), by school personnel in collaboration with parents and the student that is reviewed and updated annually.
By definition, the student success plan is a dynamic working plan that is visited periodically by the student and an advisor or mentor to support the overall success of the student to graduate ready for postsecondary opportunities.

Script is proud to announce the upcoming release of Script Success, a new software feature that accommodates the Student Success Plan requirements. With Script Success, the Student Success Plan is designed to electronically follow the student from grade to grade, school to school and district to district. Script Success also allows both staff and students to have access to the Student Success Plan with login credentials with assigned plan permissions.

Script Student Success Plan Features
  • – Simple format allows easy completion, color coded by grade level. Includes all components as required by Arkansas Act 930
  • – Post-Secondary Goals
  •     – Career Goal specifying credentials or certification needed
  •     – Course of Interest and Educational Strengths
  •     – College Goal
  • – Parent/Student/Advisor Collaboration documentation with email capabilities in the software
  • – Career Plan-College, Community College, Armed Services, Vocational Program and Trade documentation
  • – Credit Requirements with ability to make additions per district
  • – Courses of Study and Credits for Career Path documentation and total credits by grade level
  • – Performance Information to include assessment results documented by grade level
  • – ACT Aspire, ACT, PSAT, SAT, GPA, Interest Inventory, Academic Deficits, Tutoring, Credit Recovery, Class Rank, Honors and ability to add others by district
  • – Community and Career Engagement Plan allows for documentation per grade level for volunteer services, community service, job shadowing, apprenticeships and internships
  • – Academic Deficits and Intervention documentation and Progress Monitoring form to track periodic assessments and interventions

Using Script Success for your Student Success Plans will make the process of collaboration and preparation much less complicated! The ease of use that customers experience with our software along with the all-inclusive format of Script’s features will ensure full satisfaction as you continue to work in reviewing and updating student plans. To find out more about this upcoming feature, please use the form below to contact Script Support.

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