Endrew F. v. Douglas Part III

Endrew F. v. Douglas Part III

Endrew F. v. Douglas: Part III

by Dr. Christy Smith

      Fundamentally, the implications of the Endrew F. v. Douglas (137 S. Ct. 988) decision on the work of IEP teams boils down to this: a legally defensible IEP process is data-driven and requires “intensive, fact-specific inquiry” throughout the duration of the IEP.
            • Data drives the development of the student’s present level of academic achievement and functional performance (PLAAFP) statement.
            • The PLAAFP reveals the gaps between a student’s current abilities and Arkansas’ grade level standards.
            • Identifying the gap enables IEP teams to select the appropriate Arkansas general education standards that will be the target to move the student from his/her present level to the grade level standard.
            • In selecting standards-based goals, IEP teams must assure that goals are:
                  o Challenging;
                  o Exhibit high expectations for student performance;
                  o Are reasonably calculated to enable the student to make progress.
            • Empirical data from formative assessments must be gathered (and reported to parents) throughout the duration of the IEP to reveal whether or not the student is making adequate progress.
                  o If the student is not making anticipated progress, the IEP team must reconvene to review/revise services.

How can Script help?

      • Goals and Objectives are aligned exclusively to grade level Arkansas State Standards
      • Script Academy provides online professional development in all areas of compliance, including data collection, reporting, etc.
      • PLAAFP is exclusively aligned to Arkansas grade level state standards
      • Student Needs selected in PLAAFP are highlighted for selection in the goals and objective page of the IEP
      • Progress Monitoring tracking aligned to IEP goals and objectives.
      • Automated charts and graphs to communicate student progress