Script eTraining

With Script’s eTraining platform, on-demand videos are available for an entire staff or individual teacher to utilize. As you progress through this new platform, you’ll find out that this method of professional development is easy, effective, and efficient. Your annual subscription to Script eTraining includes access to a wide variety of on-going training videos, downloadable content, and both compliance and technical support.
Current Script eTraining topics include:
  • Special and Regular Education Teacher Training on 1% Cap
  • Special Education Annual Review on Data Collection & How/Where to Document It
  • Writing Standards Based IEPs
  • Importance of PLAAFP
  • Confidentiality
  • Standards Based Grading
  • Discipline and Behavior (Coming Soon!!)
  • What Principals Need to Know About Special Education (Coming Soon!!)
  • Section 504 & Equity (Coming Soon!!)
  • Surrogate Parent Training
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How to Videos

Watch and learn anywhere. Script forms are loaded with how to videos designed to help staff understand requirements and teaches them practical ways to document.


Regulatory summaries

Educational law can be complex and frequently changes. Script includes regulatory summaries aligned to the form being worked on. Staff can view and print these easy to understand summaries. No more searching for answers. Script delivers answers.

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Compliance help desk

Have regulatory questions? Script Academy includes a compliance help desk. Staff can email regulatory questions to a panel of compliance experts with rich experience in the field.

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